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Pilates Surrey – Laura

Name: Laura – Pilates Surrey

Position: Pilates Instructor

Qualifications:Stott Pilates, Aston Pilates. First aid trained, fully insured and CRB checked and is based in Eversley.

Reviews: A vastly experienced Pilates instructor that made us, despite being nervous initially, feel very comfortable and at ease. Punctual and confident we love her sessions and look forward to them each week.

Information:Laura started her career as an ice skater both as a competitor, performer and coach for over 25 years. Laura first came into contact with the Pilates Method when her career as a skater was on the line due to a lower back issue aged 14. After working with Physiotherapists she was told that there was nothing more that they could do for her and she was referred to Paul Brennan who trained Laura to strengthen the deep muscles that supported her spine. Laura has been working with Pilates for over 15 years now and is both Stott and Aston Pilates Qualified. Laura travelled to Nevada USA, to obtain a qualification in Aston for pilates, ergonomics, and movement coaching an advanced form and understanding of the bodies design and capabilities in motion. As well as all the above she is a movement coach.

Areas covered: Laura provides home and work visit Pilates in and around Finchampstead, Wokingham, Bracknell, Sandhurst and similar. Surrey is a massive golf area. Pilates is fantastic for golf. Every professional golfer on the circuit strengthens their spine and core with the help of Pilates. It massively increases mobility too. The link between golf improvement and Pilates is very well documented. So if you would like to lower your golf handicap then Pilates is a must for you.

We do have an excellent alternative Pilates Instructor that can cover Surrey, click here for a link to her profile. Pilates Farnborough – Carole.

Pilates Surrey - Laura
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