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Melda – Pilates St Johns Wood

Name: Melda – Pilates St Johns Wood

Position: Pilates instructor

Qualifications: International Pilates Foundation Matwork. International Pilates Foundation Reformer. Stott Pilates Matwork and Reformer. Former Professional Basketball player.

Information: I am a former professional basketball player with a lifelong passion for sport and staying active. Unfortunately, a knee injury abruptly ended my basketball career, but it led me to discover a new passion: Pilates. From the moment I tried Pilates, I was captivated by its benefits and potential. This newfound enthusiasm transformed my life, and I decided to share the wonders of Pilates with others.

To pursue this passion, I trained with renowned institutions such as Balanced Body and STOTT Pilates. With a solid foundation, I opened my own Pilates studio in Istanbul, which operated successfully for three years with the approval of the gymnastics federation. During this time, I delved deeper into the practice, constantly seeking to expand my knowledge and skills.

My journey didn’t stop at running a studio. I pursued advanced training in rehabilitation, becoming a post-treatment rehabilitation trainer. This specialization allows me to help individuals recover and regain their strength after injuries, ensuring they return to their daily activities and athletic pursuits with confidence.

I firmly believe that Pilates is the most effective exercise for improving posture, core strength, and overall well-being. Its emphasis on controlled movements, alignment, and breathing makes it suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. Whether you’re an athlete looking to enhance performance, someone recovering from an injury, or simply seeking a healthier lifestyle, Pilates offers incredible benefits.

My goal is to help others experience the transformative power of Pilates, guiding them towards better physical health and mental well-being. Through personalized training sessions, I aim to address individual needs and goals, ensuring each person I work with reaps the maximum benefits of this exceptional exercise method. Whether in rehabilitation or general fitness, I am dedicated to helping others achieve their best selves through Pilates.

We can and would love to help you and you can try us via 2 pay as you go sessions.

Areas Covered: An additional Pilates teacher option that is also able to cover the St Johns Wood and Central London area would be Allison, click here for further information: Pilates Mayfair Allison

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