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Viki – Pilates Richmond

Name: Viki – Pilates Richmond

Position:Pilates Instructor

Qualifications:Body Control Pilates. Member of the Body Control Pilates Association. Level 3 member of the Register of Exercise Professionals. BA in English Language Teaching. Emergency First Aid and CPR Certificate. Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Information:I am an instructor that is also passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. Along with having lots of fun, and helping others to become fit and healthy too. Body Control Pilates is the original, most advanced and therefore most beneficial form of Pilates. Consequently it is one of the fastest growing types of exercise in the world. It was developed by Joseph Pilates, who specialised in rehabilitation. I love this area too.

Further information: My first introduction to Pilates came after an accumulation of shoulder and back issues. Having tried various other exercises and treatments over a period of two years I came across Body Control Pilates. There was an almost instant and permanent improvement. As a result of using Pilates I feel like I have brand new body. I have longer and leaner muscles, and my spine length has increased so that I am now one centimeter taller. I have also eliminated my varicose veins. For this reason I specialise in improving my client’s posture.

Jenny is great and she too delivers Pilates in and around South West London and Richmond, click here for further information about her: Pilates Hammersmith – Paco

Pilates Richmond - Viki

Areas Covered: Viki provides home and work based Pilates sessions in Richmond and across South West London. She is amazing and you can test her Pilates instruction via one or both of our pay as you go taster sessions. Feel free to call or email anytime.

Please feel free to call or email anytime. Or better still fill in the quick and easy contact form below and I will get right back to you.

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