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Pilates Manchester

Pilates Manchester – we visit you

We provide private home or work based Pilates sessions in and around Manchester. Our Pilates is convenient as we fit in around you.

Call Michael now on 07949 190894 for some further information on Pilates Manchester and an instant quote. Fill in the quick and simple form or even email directly. Either way our brilliant team can and would love to help you.

Benefit from the increased attention of your own private Pilates Manchester instructor. You will learn more quickly and more easily and in addition your technique will be perfect. Consequently the proven and guaranteed benefits of Pilates will be evident far more rapidly. Your health will improve as will your posture and muscle tone and unlike many forms of exercise you see and feel the results within just a few private sessions.

Before work, after work, daytimes and even weekends, we will find a perfect time slot and location for you. 90% of our Pilates clients call us due to spinal difficulties and or injury. We have a wealth of experience and can and would love to help get you back to maximum fitness and full and complete mobility.

If home visits are not convenient we can see you at your office. Many of our clients get a few work mates together and complete lunchtime or post work classes together. By doing so you share the cost. Some employers will even pay or part pay for these classes for you. Pilates provision lines up nicely with their ‘Wellness at Work’ programmes.

We can provide our home or work based Pilates for you in any of the areas shown on the map above. Potentially even beyond that subject to your session time preferences.

Michael can and would love to chat and discuss your enquiry. Feel free to call anytime on 07949 190894. Email directly via hello@homehealthpilates.co.uk. Alternatively fill in either the contact form below or click on this contact us link.

There are many great benefits of Pilates, let us help you realise them.

HomeHealth Pilates was established in 1999 and based mostly in London and across the South East. Were you interested in that area then feel free to click here Pilates London for a short cut to the home page of this website.

We also provide home or work based Personal Training and/or Yoga. So feel free to visit these sites via the above links.

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If I miss your call please leave me a message and I’ll call you back asap. Either way I will be in touch within 24 hours. We can and would love to help you.

07980 545324

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    Donna, from the HomeHealth team, has been seeing us on a weekly basis for 8 months or so now and it has massively reduced the team’s stress levels. We all look forward to our Friday lunchtime lessons, so long may they continue. This was from a private London based bank.

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